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Production of aluminum profiles and production tools

Production of aluminum profiles and production tools
In the era of digital information in the 21st century, electronic products have sprung up, especially Steve Jobs has developed an Apple smart phone. In addition to the intelligent Apple processing system, the appearance also wins the attention of users, which makes users happy. The beautiful shape of the Apple mobile phone is made of aluminum casing, not only the hand-held machine is very textured, but also looks very satisfying. The aluminum profile shell of the smart phone is more convenient. Nowadays, the aluminum profile shell has been applied to all walks of life and is closely related to the life of the person. How is the aluminum profile shell produced? What kind of production equipment is needed? Next, we will introduce it to you.
First, the production process of aluminum extruded enclosure :
The general production of aluminum profiles consists of three parts, each of which needs to be carefully handled:
1. Firstly, the batching treatment is carried out, and the composition content of the magnesium-aluminum alloy is calculated according to the process quality, and then the comparison of the raw materials is calculated after the comparison.
2, the second part of the operation is also more important, you have to carry the materials in accordance with the requirements of the process, while in proportion to the smelting furnace for smelting, the residue and gas emissions.
3. The third part is casting. On the premise of smelting, a good aluminum liquid is introduced into the cast model, and the model of the casting process is cooled by the deep well casting system.
Second, the production of aluminum extruded enclosure tools:
The high production process of the general aluminum extruded enclosure is used for electronic products, and has high requirements in terms of process. It has high requirements on production tools and generally meets the following requirements:
1. The quality of the aluminum rod should be higher, and the aluminum rod should use tubular filtration.
2. The aluminum rod should be cleaned to avoid impurities from entering the melting pool.
3, this is very important to determine the quality of the product, in the mold, must be nitrided to ensure that there is no line on the surface of the aluminum profile.